We’re an indie game development studio based in San Antonio Tx. Founded in 2015.  We created Q-Bit Revolution for mobile and currently working on shadow_carbon for PC and Switch.

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Meet 111 Games

Photo of Kyra Kauschel, indie game designer

Kyra Kauschel
Creative Director and Founder

Kyra has loved video games since she was a wee one. She even wrote a letter to Nintendo expressing her interest in working in the industry when she was 11.
Top Games: (in no particular order)Phantasy Star Online, Mass Effect Series, Spelunky, Enter the Gungeon, Witcher 3, FF6, Ni No Kuni 1 & 2  and Skyrim.
Skills: Illustration, concept art,  animation, game design, Adobe CS, Unity, obliterating foes.


We love music!  And, while we work- we like to listen to various things to keep us focused or energized. Check out what we are currently listening to here

On occasion we like to listen to this stay focused.

Sometimes when we slack- we go to imgur, it’s a bad habit.

Hey! Are you hiring?

Sorry, not at this time. However, opportunities may come up! So check our website often, or on twitter. You can also email your resume here: