Hey there gamers!

Guess what! We’ve given our website a face-lift and added a devblog so you can follow along with the development (or updates!) of our games!


And even better!  We are announcing two new titles in development for you rabid fans!


What’s better than an action puzzler? A super cool dark cyber punk one with awesome characters! Keep up to date with the latest by checking out the devblog. We’ll post regular updates on progress, news, and calls for beta-testers!

read more here 


  Super Galactic Golf

Ever dream of playing mini-golf on a wide variety of planets spanning the galaxy?  Seeing alien vegetation as you lumber through a course rife with puzzling critters? Attempting to land a birdie only to hit… a bird? That’s not a bird! OH NO WHAT IS IT DOING TO MY GOLF BALL? OH THE HORROR!!!  Check the devblog for updates and notices on alien invasions.

Or visit this link to read more.


Also, we’ll be cross-posting like a mad person- so if you don’t a chance to stop by, you can always see the latest post by following us on  Twitter or Facebook!

Thanks for reading and supporting us, until the next time!


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